"Being part of My Weight Loss Team has been the most helpful and supportive experience I've had in years. I had been unable to get myself going on a weight loss program, and this was the perfect trigger to launch me forward into losing weight and feeling better. The accountability factor was extremely helpful, and the daily support from co-members was invaluable. It was like we were doing it together, not alone—and it WORKED! Thank you for this wonderful support group!"

— Janet L. B.
Spring City, Utah

"I've been meaning to lose weight for years but got in the habit of eating whatever I wanted. When the opportunity to join a Weight Loss Team came up, something made me respond - I'm so glad I did. I don't want to take an hour a week to go to a meeting (I'd rather spend that hour working out) but I do realize that one major key to weight loss success is accountability. I've found that with My Weight Loss Team. I've also found great moral support - every ounce lost is celebrated - and rough days are forgiven and support is always available. Reporting daily food logs and weekly weigh ins has been an inspiration for me to stay on track - 13 consecutive weeks of losing weight (that's never happened before for me!). In the first challenge I lost 19 pounds! Since then I've lost another 14 pounds and am well on my way to where I want to be!"

— Marie W.
Denver, Colorado

"Going on a diet to lose weight can be a long and tedious process. My Weight Loss Team and the competition aspect are great motivators. When you are by yourself in the weight loss process it is easy to sneak in an extra snack. But when you are part of a Team and the outcome of your weekly effort could be detrimental to your Team, you will think twice about whether or not to eat the snack. When you are feeling down and are ready to quit, with the Team support methodology, you always have someone to pick you up and keep you going."

— Derek C.
Gilroy, California

"This actually works! I'd tried absolutely every weight loss program out there and nothing motivated me to finally lose the weight like My Weight Loss Team. I need that daily accountability to keep me on track every single day. And having a group of people that have come to know me, my habits, and share in my small success milestones was the magic formula. Thanks to My Weight Loss Team I am 70 pounds lighter!"

— Jennifer T.
Johnson City, Tennessee

"I simply needed a way of being accountable to others. Participating in My Weight Loss Team has given me the support I needed to lose this weight. I make better food choices knowing that I'm going to have to tell My Team what I ate each day."

— Cheryl N.
Ozark, Missouri

"I just wanted to say how much I've enjoyed participating in My Weight Loss Team. They have helped me keep better food journals and this makes it fun. I like to have people to communicate with who understand what I'm going through. They are all fun and I've learned a ton from the others on My Team. I go to meetings for my weight loss program and now have My Weight Loss Team. Thank you! It's been a huge help and motivator."

— Kris S.
Lindenhurst, Illinois

"Being part of a Team was just the motivation I needed. Daily reports to My Team members make me much more accountable in what and how much I eat and also if I exercise each day. I don't want to let My Team down. I love the encouragement from others on My Team as we are all striving for the same goal. Thanks for this wonderful opportunity. I am now 10 pounds lighter!"

— Kimberly T.
Rexburg, Idaho

"Being a part of My Weight Loss Team has been a great experience. My Team encourages me throughout my weak moments and helps me stay on track. My first Challenge I lost 6.1 pounds. I'll be well on my way to goal if I keep participating in these Challenges with motivating teammates. It made me realize that we all have weaknesses, but we're not afraid to help others even if our own scale shows a gain. After Easter I lost all motivation, but My Team quickly helped me get back on track to lose. I will definitely keep participating in My Weight Loss Team."

— Sheena L.
Napa, California

"I have found My Weight Loss Team very helpful. The constant support is what has kept me going. I like being part of a Team. I always have My Team members in the back of my mind! I don't want to let them down and it keeps me on track. I plan to stay with My Weight Loss Team until I have reached my goal."

— Pam L.
Mt. Pleasant, Utah

"This was the perfect trigger."
"Every ounce lost is celebrated."
"I need that daily accountability."
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